Mr. Ranajay Mallik

Mr. Ranajay Mallik has over 20 years of professional experience in electronics and semiconductors industry. He has worked deeply and is an expert on analog and digital power conversion, embedded systems, sensor networks, remote monitoring and cloud based monitoring and control. Currently, he is heading the New Product Development wing for Energy Business at Panasonic India, and is deeply involved in the design and development of futuristic compact BTS power supply units, cloud connected smart AC and DC charging stations and chargers for the electric mobility domain. He has been working extensively on new AC-DC and DC-DC power conversion topologies for achieving even higher power densities for heavy duty commercial applications in hostile environments. His other area of focus, is merging renewables with distributed energy storage. Mr. Mallik brings in the best practices of electronic system designs to enrich products and make them feature rich, future proof and reliable. He has several patents and publications to his credit.