Mr. A.Tiwary

Arvind Tiwary runs SangEnnovate based in Bangalore, India.SangEnnovate is about leading change and innovaton in a VUCA world and Whitewater rafting as Strategy.

Arvind is also Chair TiE IoT Forum. Arvind has provided leadership in developing a  #IoTForIndia vision. Over 600+ startups are engaged with the IoT Forum. The ioTForum has lead on policy issues around Spectrum and use of subGhz band  and IoT Security. Arvind is also active as Lead for WG3 in IoT4 Smart City Task Force( IOT4SCTF)  and is co Chair for the premier #IoTNext event.

Arvind is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur, IIM Ahmedabad and Wharton Business School