Message from the Convener

Mustafa Wajid

Convener, eTechNxT
Chair, IET Communities Committee,
South Asia
Chair, IEEE LVDC Forum
Member, IET Power Engineers Panel
CEO, Meher Energy Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

India is rapidly transforming. Aspirations are evolving even faster.

A recent report by Morgan Stanley, a financial services firm, projects India’s GDP to cross US$ 6 trillion by 2027.

What will be the future for the Indian Electrical & Electronics Industry? How should it innovate, transform & grow? On which business areas should focus be intensified? Which are the key obstacles & threats? These are, among several key questions that need answers.

Winds of change are in motion.The Electricity domain is getting intertwined with digital/internet tech (including IoT & AI), Industry 4.0, energy storage, transportation electrification & evolution of next gen consumer behavior & is thus set to undergo a metamorphosis.

New value is thus expected to be created, globally, in trillions of US$. India shall be among the“new value” creation hotspots.The Electrical & Electronics Industry in India thus has many new opportunities.

eTechNxT is an IEEMA led initiative that will be launched at ELECRAMA 2018, & is designed to be a pathfinder for the industry.

eTechNxT as a platform is supported by key partner organisations, namely IEEE, IET, India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA), India Electronics & Semiconductor Association (IESA), NASSCOM IoT CoE, Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), SMEV & TiE.

This is a unique confluence of thought leadership from diverse industry segments.

Involving yourself in the eTechNxT movement is a key to accessing future opportunities.

Engage. Be there. Smell the future!